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Influencer Ratings explained
Influencer Ratings explained

Here’s what Influencer Ratings are all about for your brand…

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Influencer Ratings show a creator’s value to your brand beyond follower count or content price. They are represented as a rating of five stars found alongside an influencer's submission.

These ratings are based on the following criteria:


This includes a creator’s message response time, as well as their punctuality in publishing approved posts.

Submission quality

We define quality submissions as those that are high-quality, on-brand, and those that perfectly fit your campaign brief. Influencer Ratings can be pulled down by submissions that are low in resolution, or are flagged for copyright infringement or pitch posting.

Influencer engagement

This is based on the percentage of audience engagement generated by an influencer’s content, as well as the authenticity of their likes and comments. We measure engagement across both paid and organic content, and analyze unique engagement across their entire audience base.

This goes into saying that fake engagement or ghost followers pull Influencer Ratings down.
Influencer Ratings help you assess a creator's value to your campaign. While they can help you determine which posts to shortlist or approve, we still encourage visiting influencers’ social profile to check if their feed and following are aligned with your brand.

How often are Influencer Ratings updated?

Ratings refresh every six hours. If an influencer’s rating is not available, it simply means that there is insufficient data to rate them.

Why don’t all influencers have a star rating?

When an influencer doesn’t have a rating displayed, this simply means they’re yet to generate sufficient data. As they become more active within the TRIBE app, a rating will appear.

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