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How to invite your colleagues to TRIBE campaigns
How to invite your colleagues to TRIBE campaigns

Multiple users may participate in your TRIBE campaign. Share your brief and invite campaign members…

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The user who created the campaign is called the brief owner.

Brief owners have full access to all campaign details and options, and can invite and remove users from the campaign Inbox to help with managing campaigns.

How do I invite members?

Simply click the + icon next to MEMBERS from your Campaign Inbox. Provide an email address, and select a role for the member that you wish to add. Click ADD to send the invitation.

Refer to the table below for member permission details:

If the invited person is an existing TRIBE user, their name will be listed automatically on the Members table. Otherwise, only their email address will be shown. Their name will show up after they sign up.

Note that removed users can be re-invited to campaigns.

Can I share my Inbox of submissions without inviting someone into a campaign?

You sure can! Your Inbox (also known as your Content Library) is shareable! Here's how to do it.

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