While generally not accepted on TRIBE, we allow pitch posts for sampling campaigns, or if your product is inaccessible or yet to launch. In this case, creators can submit a mock shot to your campaign on how they plan to execute final content.

Here’s our guide to requesting and managing pitch post submissions:

  1. Choose which submissions you want to shortlist from the PENDING tab of your Inbox. Click on the submission thumbnail for a preview. In the case of Influencer Campaigns, you can also review the creator’s social media profile to check that their following is aligned to your brand/product.

   2. Proceed accordingly after reviewing a submission:

   3. After agreeing to execute, you can arrange to send a sample product to the creator. You may do this through a discount code or you can ask them for an address to send the product to. While exchanging contact information is allowed at this point, it’s important to keep communications within the TRIBE platform. This is so we can provide you with the best possible protection in the event of a dispute.

Let your account manager know as soon as possible if someone asks to take your conversation off-platform, or for any other violation of our Terms and Conditions and House Rules.
   4. Once the creator receives the product, instruct them to edit and re-submit their content through the approved pitch post—not to create a new submission.

Editing and re-submitting through the existing submission reduces confusion and minimizes the number of submissions to review.

If the creator is unsure how to re-submit, you can link them here.
   5. Once you are happy with the content, approve it as you normally would. Refer to the following for walk-throughs:

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