Post types

You will find indicator icons on submissions to help you identify the post type:

Submission card

You can perform the following actions on submissions received in your campaign Inbox:

  1. Influencer Insights. Click to see the creator's following demographics  (only visible if the creator's Instagram Insights are available).

  2. Shortcut to view price info. See the cost breakdown (excludes tax).

  3. More options. Options to view cost breakdown or add notes. Notes are only visible to you and campaign members.

  4. Shortlist. Add submissions to your shortlist for an easy-access list of content that you’re likely to approve. When you shortlist a submission, we send a notification to the influencer.

  5. Give feedback. Chat with the creator to provide tips or constructive feedback.

   5. Decline. Decline a submission, and let the creator know why their post wasn’t right for your campaign.

   6. Approve. See the post price, and schedule a date and time for the creator to publish. Click APPROVE again to confirm.

Note that the content is still owned by the influencer. Reposting within the platform it appears within 30 days after its publishing is free. You cannot use the content for advertising outside of that, unless you license it.

Submission level view

Simply click on a submission card to enter its submission level view, and have access to the following:

  1. Click to visit the influencer’s social profile to see their posts and engagement before you approve their submission

  2. The post and caption

  3. Click to see the cost breakdown (excludes tax)

  4. Submission notes: notes about the content (only visible if the creator adds one)

  5. Influencer details: name, location, and Influencer Rating

  6. The influencer’s social profile stats

If the influencer uploaded their Instagram Insights, their Audience Metrics will be available below this section.

Sort submissions

On the upper right corner of your Campaign Inbox, you can sort submissions by:

Old friend

If you see a tick mark next to the social handle on a submission card, it means that you have previously bought social content from that influencer.

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