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Reviewing Influencer Campaign submissions
Reviewing Influencer Campaign submissions

Now for the fun part—reviewing Influencer submissions! Here’s how to choose the best branded content submitted to your brief.

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Post types

You will find indicator icons on submissions to help you identify the post type - including Instagram in-feed posts, Carousels, Stories & Reels, TikTok posts and Pinterest Idea Pins.

If no icon appears the submission is a single-image Instagram in-feed post.

Submission card

The submissions in your campaign inbox feature the following information and actions.

  1. Creator Details. The creator's avatar, handle, social account and follower count. Click their avatar to add the creator to your Brand-Fans, or click their handle to visit their social account.

  2. BrandMatch AI Score. The creator's unique % score indicates how their profile and audience demographics match your campaign requirements. Learn more here.

  3. Submission status. The 'Resubmitted' pill will appear when a creator has resubmitted their content. Resubmissions typically occur when a creator is submitting their final content after you've Pre-Approved their Pitch or you've requested tweaks to their submission.

  4. Brand-Fans Star. The Brand-Fans will appear on submissions from any creators you've added to your Brand-Fans groups.

  5. Creator Status. To help identify new and previous creators, you'll notice a number of different icons here.
    'Blue Tick' - You have worked with this creator previously
    'New' - This creator is submitting to your brand for the first time
    'No icon' - This creator has submitted previously however, you haven't worked with them

  6. Price. Click to reveal a breakdown of the creator's and TRIBE's fees.

  7. Bio & Portfolio. Click to reveal the creator's bio and portfolio showcasing examples of their content.

  8. More options. Click to view the cost breakdown or add private notes about the submission that are only visible to campaign members.

  9. Submission type. Indicates the post type for the submission. eg. Instagram Carousel, Reel or Story, TikTok or Pinterest.

  10. Content Preview. Click to open the submission view to see the full content, caption, creator's notes/creative direction, creator profile, estimated performance and audience metrics.

  11. Shortlist. Add submissions to your shortlist that you're likely to approve and view your estimated spend and performance. Note: when you shortlist a submission the creator will be sent a notification.

  12. Chat with the creator. Click to begin a conversation with the creator to provide feedback, collaborate or facilitate shipping etc. Note: A red notification dot will appear if you have an unread message from a creator.

  13. Decline submission. If a creator's submission isn't quite right for your campaign you can decline it here, be sure to provide a constructive reason for your decline.

  14. Approve or Pre-Approve. Love a Pitch or submission? Click the 'tick' to Pre-Approve or give final approval to the submission and schedule a date and time for the creator to publish.

Submission level view

Click on a submission card to enter its submission level view. Alongside many of the same actions available on card view, you will also access the following:

  1. Caption. Review a creator's caption exactly how it will appear once posted.

  2. Next or previous submission. Click the arrows to navigate to the next or previous submissions.

  3. Chat. Click here to access your 1:1 chat with the creator

  4. Notes or Creative Direction from Creator. Find the creator's Pitch or any written notes here. A red notification dot will appear if the notes are unread.

  5. Other submissions. Click to access other submissions from the same creator.

  6. Creator Profile. View the creator's name, location and age as well as their average performance metrics.

  7. Audience Metrics. View a breakdown of the creator's audience demographics including gender, age and location.

Sort submissions

On the upper right corner of your Campaign Inbox, you can sort submissions by date, BrandMatch AI, Avg Engagement, Est. CPE, Followers, Price, Influencer Rating or Audience Match.

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