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Licensing content from Influencer Campaigns
Licensing content from Influencer Campaigns

More dollars than licence? Here’s how to purchase your favourite influencer content for your own use…

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You can request to license APPROVED and PUBLISHED content from your Influencer Campaigns. by clicking the License Content button on the submission you wish to purchase.

Requesting to license

  1. Click the 'Download Icon' on the submission you wish to purchase

  2. Select the licence type you prefer - online or all channels

  3. Select your preferred usage terms - 12 months or perpetual

  4. Check the total price, and ensure the resolution and specs suit your needs before clicking 'License Content'

The creator will be notified of your request, and accept if they are willing to sell you the rights.

Downloading licensed content

If the creator accepts your request, you can view the licence details by clicking the 'Download Icon' and you will be able to download the content directly.

The content will be downloaded in the original size or resolution the creator provided.

Content can range from 300KB to 100MB depending on the original source. If you’re concerned with the resolution, we’ll work with you to ensure you have the highest quality available.

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