When wanting to use content for anything other than reposting organically on the same social platform that the post was published on, you’ll be asked to choose from several licence plans. Choose the option that best suits how you intend to use them.

Exclusive Perpetual Online Rights

This includes exclusive and permanent rights to content, but for online use only. You cannot use content under this licence for any offline material, such as print or TV.

Exclusive Perpetual All Channels

This licence grants exclusive and permanent rights to the content for both online and offline use.

How much does a content licence cost?

Depending on whether you are using the platform on a subscription or on a campaign-by-campaign basis, the cost of a content licence (online usage only) differs. Head to our pricing page for more information.

If you have more specific queries regarding content use, feel free to email us at brand@tribegroup.co for clarification.

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