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When do I need to purchase a content licence and what are my options?
When do I need to purchase a content licence and what are my options?

When licensing content, there are several licence plans to choose from…

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When wanting to use content for anything other than reposting organically on the same social platform that the post was published on, you’ll be asked to choose from a few license options. Choose the options that best suits how you intend to use them.

First, you'll select how long you want to gain the rights to the content. We offer two options - usage for 12 months or for perpetuity.

You'll then decide on the following license types that align with your needs:

Online Channel Rights

This includes exclusive rights to content, but for online use only. You cannot use content under this license for any offline material, such as print or TV.

All Channel Rights

This license grants exclusive rights to the content for both online and offline use.

How much does a content license cost?

Depending on the duration and whether you want to license the content for online only or all channels, will the cost differ. Reach out to your Client Partner Customer Success Manager for details or for any other queries you may have.

For more information on your licensing options and the 4 ways to amplify your top-performing content check out this blog.

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