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Campaign payments and fees
Campaign payments and fees
Let’s talk numbers: everything you need to know about TRIBE payments, prices, and fees…
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At the moment, only select currencies are supported by the TRIBE platform. However, we are looking to support more as we expand our markets.

Campaign payments

Campaign purchases and payments will be charged in the following currencies, depending on where your brand is based:

  • Australia - AUD$

  • UK - GBP£

  • US - USD$

If you are outside of these countries, a currency (AUD$, GBP£, or USD$) will be assigned to your campaign depending on the region you are based.

Card payment options

The following cards are supported in the platform for credit card billing:

  • Visa (credit and debit)

  • Mastercard (credit, debit, prepaid, 2-series)

  • American Express

Payment via credit card will incur a 1.4% fee from Stripe.



TRIBE charges in a few different ways depending on your needs. You'll either pay a Campaign Activation Fee to get started and a TRIBE Fee on the posts you approve, or an annual Subscription Fee and a TRIBE Fee on the posts you approve.

Campaign Activation Fee

The Campaign Activation Fee is charged to set up your campaign. The Campaign Activation Fee is for accessing our platform, being trained on best practices, our work to understand your needs and get ahead of any specific creator requirements, and your access to TRIBE’s vetted community of engaged content creators. It is charged before your campaign is set live.

Subscription Fees

Subscription Fees are for customers who have plans and objectives that extend over a longer period of time. We start with understanding these objectives, and craft a shared view of success across the year. You also gain access to a more advanced platform experience, with benefits such as 1st party audience insights, metrics like reach & impressions, and subscription-only features like Brand-Fans which enable you to build more meaningful relationships with your favourite influencers. Importantly, you get access to our expert team to manage and drive your strategies. We charge different Subscription Fees depending on the level of access and service you require.


The TRIBE Fee is there to help you run campaigns. That’s why it’s only charged on the content you approve.

It covers our Campaign Management Team’s initial work to help optimize your campaign before it’s sent live. We’ll also help you shortlist, identify the best performing creators, understand our pre-purchase analytics, and you’ll get access to our in-platform reporting suite. Depending on your level of service, we can also help you with creators via our Creator Community Team, who’ll step in if you need assistance with outreach, communications, negotiating, or just advice on who to work with. All this occurs alongside our market-leading technology, which manages legals, payments, approvals, messaging, 1st party data, and reporting.

The TRIBE fee is simply a 30% margin on a brand’s overall campaign spend. For example, if you spend $10,000 on influencer posts, the influencers will receive $7,000 and TRIBE will receive $3,000 (i.e. 30% of your $10,000 budget).

Keep in mind, when a creator submits a post, you will also see their raw price, and when you’re looking at the Creator’s price, the TRIBE fee calculates as a 42% mark-up.

For example, a post submitted for $700 by a creator will have a $300 TRIBE Fee attached to it, which is a 30% margin on the $1,000 total post price. Alternatively, this $300 fee can be considered a 42% markup on the Creator’s $700 post price.

Both are exactly the same for the brand, creator and TRIBE, it just depends on if you start the calculation at the total fee and work backwards (30% margin) or if you start with the creator’s fee and add to it (42% markup).

Alternative fees or payment terms may apply by arrangement with our team.

Content Campaigns

Content Campaign purchases come at a fixed price, depending on the selected licence.

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