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Here's how to 'withdraw' a submission in the app
Here's how to 'withdraw' a submission in the app

This is how to use the 'withdraw' function in the TRIBE app.

Updated over a week ago

Pressing submit on TRIBE is a beautiful thing. But as your finger hovers over the button, doubt starts to creep into your mind. What if you make a mistake?

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be final.

You can withdraw your sponsored post whenever you like, using the withdraw function.

It’s sneakily located in the top right corner, like so:

Why would I withdraw a post I’ve put the time in to create?

Well, ever sent an email or text you’ve immediately regretted? Exactly.

Here are 4 more reasons why you might want to withdraw a post and start afresh:

1. Typos

I mean, we all make mistakes, rihgt?

2. New theme, new me

If you’ve changed the vibe of your page since submitting, you can withdraw your post and re-submit a newer, more suitable one.

3. It’s time we see new people

If while waiting for approval you start working with a competitor brand, then that becomes a conflict of interest. To avoid things getting ugly, you can nobly withdraw your post.

4. Staying organised

It’s good to clean your pending posts every once in awhile. Also, If you’ve ever submitted multiple posts to a campaign and one had been approved, you can withdraw the others so things don’t get confusing for the brand and yourself.

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